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Can we make important decisions based on the flip of a coin?

What is the difference between a mystery and a secret?

How much we will risk to achieve our goals?

Why are we so afraid of the unknown?

Me, Myself, and Secrets is a personal journey inside Radek Hoffman’s mind. It is a highly interactive show that relies on audience participation. It combines elements of a one-man show, experimental theatre, magic and mentalism. Radek will share with you his greatest secrets and most complex ideas that will manipulate your mind. This is not just a show it is an experience. Be prepared to be amazed, to reinvent yourself, and celebrate the mystery.


Are you ready to be part of the experience?

Can you keep a secret?

Duration: 90min

Tickets starts from £15

check audience reactions

“Ahh that was awesome wasn’t it. What a clever man! Magic is amazing!” - John

“It was AMAZING. I felt tense throughout (which is great) you created mystery and surprise. The story behind the magic was well thought out and my cheeks hurt from smiling by the end of the show. Clever clever man. Well done!” - Kate

“What a fun, lovely chap Fantastic show Very good.” - Susie

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