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This is not just another after school club… it is so much more!

It is the beginning of your child’s passion for something new, something different, which brings with it a whole host of benefits to their development, growth and wellbeing.


By learning and engaging your child in Magic, they will acquire a unique set of skills that will allow them to shine in every situation.



"We’re so impressed with the magic skills our son is learning from Radek at Academy of Magic.  Every week we enjoy watching him learn new tricks, which he likes to perform to us and his grandparents.  His confidence is growing with each lesson, as he keeps surprising us with illusions which are so convincing we have no idea how he does them.” 

Chrissy Jenkins

—  Name, Title


The benefits of learning magic are enormous!

Communication, presentation and tenacity are all needed to learn and perform; not to mention memory and motor skills, confidence, teamwork and patience. All these things are vital life skills, which will be developed through a passion for Magic.


It’s not just for them though; watching your child’s joy when mastering tricks, and then encouraging that engagement with others, is a wonderfully satisfying feeling for any parent.   

Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist based at Hertfordshire University, said:

"…it taught, self-discipline, social skills and developed self-esteem, confidence, empathy and interaction." 


This is why Magic is so powerful!

Magic is one of the most primal and most beautiful forms of entertainment that man knows. It is a learnt skill that brings a smile to the learners face, as well as their audience.  


Magic contains a moment of astonishment; a surprise that we rarely experience in today's modern world. It is a universal language that engages inclusively. It connects people and allows mind growth, intrigue and curiosity; taking people momentarily into a problem-free world where the impossible becomes possible.


The benefits of learning magic are enormous!

Evidence for the effectiveness of this method has been known and documented for many years. David Copperfield, the best and most famous magician in the world, was the first to introduce this idea in the 90’s.


He created ‘Project Magic’, a process by which Magic was used for hospitalized patients or for people with disabilities.  It was fast realized that learning magic was not only an ideal tool for rehabilitation, but also for developing other necessary skills and qualities in young people.


Currently, the Magic Project is successfully carried out in several countries around the world.


Founder and Creator of Academy of Magic

Radek is a professional magician and mentalist who has been involved with the art of Magic for over 15 years. His talents are plentiful and extend beyond practical magic. These include lecturing on Magic, authoring several Magic and Mentalism publications, and is impressively the co-founder and curator of the Museum of Magic in Poland.


He has been lucky enough to perform in many countries around the world, at various prestigious events and venues. Now he wants to share his experience and passion for magic with the next generation; unleashing their creativity and wonder whilst encouraging self-development through Magic Academy.


Radek is a qualified teacher who has extensive experience in working with children and is fully DBS checked.

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