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Make your next event unforgettable!

Witness Radek Hoffman perform magic and mind reading miracles up close and in your hands! You and your guests will be amazed as Radek performs close up at your next event. Bring the experience and reactions that you see on TV, off the screen and right in front of your eyes. This type of magic is perfect for cocktail parties, dinner parties, and large events.


Ever the showman, Radek is comfortable commanding the stage as he performs his show. Each show is carefully crafted and unique, allowing audiences to be amazed over and over again by his unpredictability, dynamic and sheer captivation of its contents. Drawing the audience in to participate, Radek’s ability to amaze first hand is a master skill; with all eyes on him he has nowhere to hide, so his magic and passion is raw and organic. Anything can happen…




Tailoring to all types of events: Corporate events; Commercial advertising; Promotional launches


Indulge your guests, and make your next event one to remember!

Dinner parties, cocktail evenings, larger events… it is impressive that there really are no limits to where Radek can perform. Being witness to Radek’s talent and presence on stage, or at your fingertips whilst performing close up magic, will leave you and your guests mesmerised with wonder and suitably impressed.


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