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A Man of Mystery, an Illusionist, a Mentalist… whichever way you look at it these words leave you wanting to know more. Radek Hoffman is an enigma, and behind his unique allure of charm, elegance and magic he is everything you would hope for and more.

With 17 years of experience, Radek has been captivating his audiences with a mix of magic, mentalism, suggestion, manipulation and psychology. His delivery is intriguing - mesmerizing even and draws you in to the magical world of his passion.

Boasting amazing opportunities to work with leading brands such as Microsoft, Mars (Snickers) and Hilton Hotels, Land Rover to name but a few, Radek has showcased his many talents across the world from London to Dubai.

He is also official Magic Circle member.

Particular highlights of his career include his 2 theater sell-out stage shows in Poland: Incredible (2016); Man Who Knows (2017); and his recent debut here in the UK: Mind Games (2019),  London run in Barons Court theater: Me, Myself & Magic (2021)

One of the best corporate event attraction.  His unique style and professional magic tricks will blown your mind. Amazing entertainer and showman.

As well as being the co-founder of the first ever Polish Museum of Magic, he is a keen advocate of promoting and developing this form of discipline. He does this by actively organizing lectures or workshops on the topic and engaging with members of the magic community.

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