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Radek is the perfect entertainment choice. His extensive experience in the corporate sector assures you that you're entrusting your event to a seasoned corporate expert.


Mix & Mingle Style Performance: Radek gracefully navigates the room, leaving guests in awe as he engages small groups with his mesmerizing sleight of hand and mind-reading tricks. Radek's performance is a perfect icebreaker, fostering a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, especially for corporate pre-dinner drinks, client champagne receptions, and cocktail events.

Table Magic: Throughout the meal courses, Radek moves seamlessly between tables, providing an up-close and personal experience of his enchanting performance. This option is highly recommended for company dinners, corporate awards nights, and client lunches.

Stage Mind Reading Act: Radek wows the audience with his incredibly popular stage act, seemingly delving into the minds of guests to read, influence, and predict their thoughts. His performance is a captivating blend of humor, fascination, and jaw-dropping moments, customizable to run from twenty to forty-five minutes. Radek's stage act is the ideal choice for post-dinner entertainment at corporate functions.


Company Christmas Party Entertainment: When it comes to your year-end Christmas party, securing the right entertainment for your staff is paramount. Radek's calendar fills up quickly with Christmas event bookings, including many returning clients. To ensure availability, consider booking early in the year. Regardless of your plans, whether it's a casual office gathering or a grand nationwide company dinner, Radek guarantees to leave all your staff entertained and astounded.

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